Half-Marathon Training: Running for my Life

half-marathon training running run

Half-Marathon Training: Running for my Life. I’m pretty lazy.  If I don’t have some sort of fitness goal or scheduled exercise time, I’ll find something else to do.  Usually, that “something” isn’t very productive. I might play Wordscapes on my iPhone. Or I’ll mindlessly snack.  It’s why I almost always schedule my personal training workouts…

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The Snatch: The First Fitness Series

pfp fitness series snatch

Due to both the success of the Wellness Series and a few of our fitness seminars, PFP is excited to announce our new monthly PFP Fitness Series! The first of this series will be held on Wednesday, September 19 at 7:30 pm. We have already announced that the topic for this first PFP Fitness Series:…

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How to Stay Consistent

stay consistent

Many people find that starting a new exercise routine is exciting!  Everything is new and fun, challenging, you’re seeing results and 100% motivated.  After a few weeks, workouts become more routine, you become less enthusiastic about working out. And those initial gains become harder to come by.  Does this sound familiar? Sometimes it’s not starting…

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The Return of the Wellness Series

wellness series fitness series

School is back in session. Not just for the kids, but for adults as well! At PFP, we believe in continual education. We want to share our collective wealth of health and fitness knowledge. And what better way to do that than bring back the PFP Wellness Series?!

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September Events

september events

September events. September is upon us. Schools and universities are back in session. The days are getting shorter and, eventually, cooler. Fall is gearing up. And we have a lot of events planned at Pittsburgh Fitness Project to help you prepare for the season!

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Vacation Workouts

vacation workouts

Vacation workouts. It’s almost the end of summer, but some of yinz may be going out of town sometime soon. Especially since Labor Day is around the corner. Can you believe it’s almost September already?! Whenever you go on vacation it’s really easy to make excuses when it comes to diet and workouts. “There wasn’t…

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When In Doubt, Do Legs

do legs train legs

I’m a former soccer player and fitness enthusiast that loves doing upper body workouts. I often find it is very easy to fall back on only working on arms or chest when short on time. I personally avoided doing squats, deadlifts or lunges. That’s because there is nothing worse than trying to run around a…

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