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Wes’ Warm-Up Advice – Why It Matters

PFP trainer, Wes Hall, offers his advice on the importance of warming up before we exercise.  Why do we bother?  How long should we really spend getting ready to workout?   Warm-Up Styles When it comes to warmups, you’ll find two camps. On one hand, you’ll have someone who likes to come in, swing their…

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CureRock: Ending Childhood Cancer

Join CureRock and PFP as we sponsor a silent boot camp at Walter's In Lawrenceville on Sat, Sept 28th at 9 AM.

CureRock is a nonprofit organization that supports the fight against childhood and adolescent & young adult (AYA) cancer.  We help finance educational, research and quality-of-life programs while raising awareness in the community. CureRock sponsors a variety of community events and activities, many of which include incredible live music performances from both local and national musicians…

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Trainer Spotlight: Jason

For our next Trainer Spotlight, meet Jason! He's our new trainer who has a passion for helping people pursue a healthy lifestyle through physical activity.

Introduction  Hello Pittsburgh and surrounding communities!  I’m Jason Rutkowski, a new personal trainer here at the Pittsburgh Fitness Project.  I have a passion for helping people pursue a healthy lifestyle through exercise and physical activity.  My interest in physical fitness grew out of my participation in sports conditioning programs in my middle and high school…

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Vacation Workouts Revisited

You may remember my “Vacation Workout,” article but after experiencing a real vacation, I have some revised tips and tricks for you!

As some of you may know, I have recently taken a vacation to both Budapest and Rome. I was traveling for 10 days, and it was an incredible experience. Between all the sightseeing, delicious food, and time away from work, it was a trip to remember. I have to admit, this was my first “adult,”…

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Be Your Own Transformation Picture

Do transformation promises actually work? Well, many of them can, if we strictly follow them. Begin your transformation with PFP!

Interested in losing weight? Maybe just maintaining your current weight? Or, maybe it’s improving your overall health and eating better? The reality is that most of us are. And we don’t have to look very far either for advice, solutions, diets, fads, must have foods, supplements, equipment and more. Ok . . . but the…

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Trainer Spotlight: Tony Salerno

This week, we are spotlighting our favorite General Manager, Tony Salerno. Can he help you find a passion for healthy living?

When I was 4 years old my father and I started taking karate together in a nearby town. I learned a lot about developing strength and staying consistent with working out from this at a very young age. Throughout grade school, I participated in all the sports my town had to offer. And although we…

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PFP Trainer Spotlight: Sandor Koppányi

I love personal training because I am able to be a part of people’s journey to becoming a better version of them self - it's very rewarding!

I got into fitness when I was in 8th grade and couldn’t do a pull-up in my gym class. I found it extremely frustrating and found myself working towards doing a couple until the end of the year where I could string together 8 pull-ups in a row. I love personal training because I am…

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