CureRock: Ending Childhood Cancer

Join CureRock and PFP as we sponsor a silent boot camp at Walter's In Lawrenceville on Sat, Sept 28th at 9 AM.

CureRock is a nonprofit organization that supports the fight against childhood and adolescent & young adult (AYA) cancer.  We help finance educational, research and quality-of-life programs while raising awareness in the community. CureRock sponsors a variety of community events and activities, many of which include incredible live music performances from both local and national musicians…

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Trainer Spotlight: Tony Salerno

This week, we are spotlighting our favorite General Manager, Tony Salerno. Can he help you find a passion for healthy living?

When I was 4 years old my father and I started taking karate together in a nearby town. I learned a lot about developing strength and staying consistent with working out from this at a very young age. Throughout grade school, I participated in all the sports my town had to offer. And although we…

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PFP Trainer Spotlight: Sandor Koppányi

I love personal training because I am able to be a part of people’s journey to becoming a better version of them self - it's very rewarding!

I got into fitness when I was in 8th grade and couldn’t do a pull-up in my gym class. I found it extremely frustrating and found myself working towards doing a couple until the end of the year where I could string together 8 pull-ups in a row. I love personal training because I am…

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PFP Trainer Tonja Ayala: Exercise Insight

One of the biggest complaints that Tonja hears from people is that they don't have time to exercise - here is her insight into finding time!

Tonja’s Insight: Yes, You Really do Have Time to Exercise One of the biggest complaints that I hear from people is that they don’t have time to exercise. No matter what your weekly obligations are, there is time for you to exercise. Finding time to exercise has to be an appointment that you keep with…

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PFP Trainer Spotlight: Marisa Galli

Get to know our PFP trainers! This week, we're featuring both PFP trainer and Athlete, Marisa Galli, B.S. Exercise Science.

Hi everyone, my name is Marisa and I am a trainer, instructor, and coach at PFP!  I work one on one with clients, teach group exercise classes, and coach weightlifting for our barbell club athletes.  My training method focuses on moving from basics to the barbell.  I remember how exciting it was for me to…

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Trainer Spotlight: Jake Boyer

Get to know our PFP trainers! This week, we feature our running expert and lover of a good Guinness, Jake Boyer, BS, ACSM, EP-C.

The path that led me down the road to becoming a fitness professional started when I decided to try out for cross country in 6th grade. I can remember seeing my childhood best friend, Brandon (who was the same age but a grade ahead of me), way up ahead and there was no chance of…

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Three Sizes Down

three sizes down

PFP is proud to share a weight loss story from our own gym member Phil. Weight loss journeys are often portrayed as incredible feats. We as a society tend to focus on the outcome of such journeys – like being three sizes down. But those going through them know all too well it isn’t an…

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Half-Marathon Training: Week of Oct 29th

half-marathon training: Week of Oct 29th

Half-marathon training. I’ve been running for about 40 years now.  Long-term wear and tear led me to an altered gait. Which in turn led to lots of pain when running.  Our PFP running coach, Jake Boyer, managed to correct my gait. My personal trainer and gym co-owner, Tom Duer, gave me exercises to strengthen my…

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