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What is a “bad” training day?

A bad training day can be a lot of different things for different people.  You were easily fatigued.  You couldn’t muster the strength to lift that weight.  You didn’t feel that strong in class.  You had to take a lot of breaks or maybe just overall you didn’t meet the expectations set for that day.


Why Do Bad Training Days Happen?


  • Fatigue contributes a lot to bad training days. When we are tired, we can’t keep up with a class, lift a certain weight percentage or just overall feel 100%.


  • Stress is another huge factor when it comes to working out. Mental stress can make us feel unmotivated and not ourselves.


  • If we’ve had one too many cheat meals or even skipped a meal, we may have inadequate or improper nutrients available to workout at our best.


  • Lack of sleep is another key factor in training and is one of the contributors to both fatigue and stress. When we aren’t getting enough sleep, we will increase our fatigue and stress levels much easier than normal.


Take away

There are many factors that can make us feel like we’ve had an unsuccessful training day. As long as we manage these factors to the best of our abilities, our chances of having a better workout will increase. At the end of the day, you made it into the gym, which for many is the hardest part. Take every workout as a great day because you are here!


“Some days we move a spoonful, some days we move a shovel load. Just keep moving the dirt to success” – John Welborn


Kareem Selwaeh

Personal Trainer, Group Instructor

Pittsburgh Fitness Project

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