All non-essential businesses in Allegheny County have been asked to close for 14 days to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Dear Members. As we indicated last night, all non-essential businesses in Allegheny County have been asked to voluntarily close down for 14 days in order to prevent further spread of the Covid-19 virus.  We feel obligated to follow this request.

Two Covid-19 cases were confirmed in the City of Pittsburgh on Sat, 3/14/20, and two additional cases were reported in Allegheny County on Sunday, 3/15/20.   More are expected to follow in the coming days and weeks.

Limiting Exposure to Covid-19

By aggressively limiting exposures, the hope is to quickly shut down further community spread of the Covid-19 virus and prevent large numbers of the most vulnerable from getting sick at once. Most people contracting the infection will recover. However, those over 65 years of age and those with chronic heart or lung disease are more susceptible to serious or life-threatening illnesses. And a sudden influx of those patients could overwhelm the health care system, even a world-class one like we have in Pittsburgh.

We urge you to follow social distancing to quickly snuff out the spread of the pandemic.  Wash your hands frequently and stay home if you have any sore throat, dry cough or fever.  Seek medical attention for any associated shortness of breath but contact your local emergency room prior to your arrival.

Challenging Times for Small Businesses

These will be challenging times for small businesses, including ours.  During these two weeks, we will be posting workouts that you can do at home and other information on our YouTube channel. (Did you know we have one?!)

We can also write out personal training programs for our personal training clients with video instruction.

We ask you to hold canceling your memberships if it is financially possible for you as we are trying to protect the broader community, our clients and ourselves as well as loved ones and family.


Thank you!  We hope to see you all in two weeks.  We will share other updates when they become available.


Dr. Brian Clista

Tom Duer


Pittsburgh Fitness Project

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