Ab Exercises for Swimsuit Season

ab exercises for swimsuit season
Have you been doing the same ol’ ab workout and haven’t been seeing the results your looking for? Then look no further. Try these simple ab exercises together for a workout that only takes 90 seconds!

How to Do it!

Get a timer started. Do the first exercise shown for as long as you can. When the first exercise is getting difficult and the form is breaking, move on to the second exercise. Then when the second exercise gets hard, move on to the third. When you first try this workout, you may only be able to do the first exercise for 20 seconds, the second for 40 seconds, and then the third exercise for 30 seconds. There is no specific time limit for each exercise. As you get stronger, you may be able to do the first exercise for the full 90 seconds! Make this workout harder by choosing a harder plank variation or by doing the ab circuit longer.


  • Try not to let your hips wobble too much during these plank variations.
  • Spread your feet apart to help with your stability in your hips.
  • Stay calm and breathe throughout the 90 seconds.
  • DON’T LET YOUR KNEES TOUCH THE GROUND throughout the 90 seconds.
  • Worst case scenario if you can’t make it throughout the 90 seconds doing the plank variations, hold a normal plank until the end.

When to Do It:

  • Throw this ab circuit at the beginning of your workout after a warm up.
  • Do a full round of the circuit, then rest for 2 minutes before doing it again. You can repeat this circuit 3-5 times for a core workout in itself.
  • Do this circuit at the end of any workout

When In Doubt, Do Legs

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